Bonhoeffer's Message To America Now

It is unlikely that the majority of Americans are familiar with the name Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I had forgotten the account of Mr. Bonhoeffer until a valued listener of our nightly

Evangelical Landslide for Romney?

Evangelical Landslide for Romney?

A ReAL Book Review by Gerard Reed

To St. Augustine: “Prudence is love choosing wisely between the things that help and those that hinder” (De Morib. Eccl. xv). Contrary to the Beatles’ message, love is not all

Freeing America’s Pulpits From Government Censorship

In the classic movie The Sting, Paul Newman explains to Robert Redford that in the most sophisticated swindles, the victim never even figures out he’s been conned. Well America’s churches got

Why Presidential Candidates’ Faith Matters

Why Presidential Candidates' Faith Matters


Stanley Hauerwas's boldly challenges a leading Christian voice of Just War understandings. Stanley Hauerwas of Duke University, America's most influential Christian pacifist, has a new article respectfully critiquing famed Christian

The Left’s War on Non-PC Science

Chris Moody’s book “The Republican War on Science” took President George W. Bush to task for suppressing scientific efforts that did not match up with his political and religious agenda.

Real Leadership Spotlight

Liberal Fascism


Liberal Fascism
By Jonah Goldberg

This book is foundational for informed conservatives. It provides a deeply researched, provocative, and entertaining overview of the tragic history of the 20th century.

Jonah Goldberg’s main goal is to overturn the widely held myth that Nazism and Fascism are right wing movements. He demonstrates conclusively that Nazis and Fascists were socialists to the core. Both Hitler and Mussolini were just as committed to socialism as Trotsky. Only within the rarified milieus of Marxism, academia, and the mainstream media can National Socialism be portrayed as anything other than radical, racial socialism. This book marks an important turning point in our understanding of the last century.

Goldberg also provides a valuable chronicle of the malignant legacy of the American Progressive movement, which put this country on a path that diverged decisively from the amazingly successful system designed by
our founding fathers. The sins of the Progressives have to be understood and rooted-out if we are to return to constitutional government. This book makes that possible.

The ReAL interview with the author (below) provides a great introduction to the substance of this outstanding book.



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