Marc Nuttle on the Moral Imperative of Deficit Reduction

The federal budget, and our growing national debt are being questioned with intensity these days— and they need to be. The repercussions and consequences of our ongoing deficits, are generating

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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth:
by Joshua Muravchik

This is an engaging, historical description of what’s happened wherever socialism has been tried. The title comes from Moses Hess, the 19th century “Father of German Social Democracy,” who said “The Christian...imagines the better future of the human species... in the image of heavenly joy...We, on the other hand, will have this heaven on earth.” This endeavor—what Muravchik calls “man’s most ambitious attempt to supplant religion”—has everywhere failed, and revealingly socialism’s epitaph turnes out to be: “If you build it, they will leave.”


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