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To Save America
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America is currently facing the greatest threat to its future since the Civil War. We have the most radical president in history, a power-hungry Democratic House, an enormous federal and state bureaucracy, and a faltering economy. In his new book, To Save America, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich argues we are not at a crossroads—we are on a dangerous precipice.

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In his most controversial work ever, Gingrich exposes how Obama’s new political model of bullying and bribing to force change is destroying America as we know it. Gingrich warns that the relentless secular-socialist machine—the network of people, organizations, and businesses built over decades to steamroll the core values that built America—finally has leaders powerful enough to enact that fundamental change.

In To Save America, Gingrich argues that we need to shut down the secular-socialist machine before it destroys the America that the Founders envisioned.

“We are facing a ruthless secular-socialist machine that is alien to America’s history and traditions. It’s clear that if the Left stay in power, they will transform America into a radically different nation,” says Gingrich.


Here’s what Washington doesn’t want you to know about its version of America:


- Congress approved the $787 billion stimulus, yet no elected member read the entire bill

- Obama’s Treasury Department violated 200 years of bankruptcy precedent to take money from bondholders and investors to pay off union allies during the automaker bailout

- Obama’s new health care bill creates 159 new offices, agencies, and commissions

- CBO projects the  national debt will triple over the next ten years to $17.3 trillion, with the debt as a percentage of GDP soaring from 40 percent today to a shocking 82.4 percent

- 79 percent of Americans believe the American economy could collapse

In To Save America, Gingrich argues that we must replace, not reform, the broken government systems. He presents practical, real-government solutions for the most important challenges facing America, including the growing power of the secular-socialist machine, grave national security threats, our ineffective bureaucratic and litigation systems, and the need for cultural reaffirmation of American values. Turning America’s current problems into opportunities is the great challenge of our generation—and we must step up to the challenge if we are to save America.  

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