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Dr. Tim LaHaye’s 2012 Election Call to Action

Dear Evangelical Pastor and all who share our moral values;

As a Bible-teaching pastor for the past 66 years and a Christian author, I am more deeply concerned about America than ever before. Not just because the anti-Christian secular left controls the media, public education, most of the entertainment industry and our present government, but BECAUSE A MAJORITY OF EVANGELICALS AND ALL CHRISTIANS DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO VOTE!

I feel so strongly that all pastors need to take action this election that I have produced a heartfelt video message I am making available to you. Please feel free to share this on your church website, FaceBook page, e-blasts, contact lists, or whatever means your tech guys think best.

Please watch my video message and see if you don’t agree!My challenge to you is to:
(1) Pray for a moral spiritual revival in America and pray for this important election.
(2) Register as many members and friends as possible before the November 6 election. Encourage them to be informed on the issues and to vote for values.
(3) Vote and establish an organized effort to have all registered members and friends reminded to vote on Election Day.
(4) Please forward and share this message to every pastor or influential person you know.

Pastor to pastor, I also challenge you to participate in PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY - OCTOBER 7, 2012.
See for details. Join the 1000+ pastors who are willing to be like Peter and John in the book of Acts, not allowing government to tell us what we can say in the pulpit!

Dr. Francis Schaffer once said, “He who will not use his freedom to preserve his freedom will lose his freedom and neither his children nor his grandchildren will rise up to call him blessed.”

God bless you my friend, I pray you will take action this election!

Tim LaHaye