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Renewing American Leadership

 Celebrating The Intersection Between Faith and Enterprise


Our Mission
  • To explain, advocate and restore Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as the foundations of American public policy
  • To explain and advocate American Exceptionalism as the path back to constitutional government in the U.S. and a model for free people everywhere
  • To explain the interdependence and strengthen the alliance between fiscal and social conservatives

ReAL Core Doctrine

  • The Legacy We Have Received from God and the Founding Fathers
  • American Exceptionalism--The Unique Nation and Culture this Legacy Made Possible
  • What Has Gone Wrong?
  • How to Restore American Leadership


Spiritual Enterprise:  Building Virtuous Corporate Cultures


Public Policy: Mobilizing Social and Fiscal Conservative Voters


Recruitment and Training of Conservative Political Candidates

  • Fiscal Issue Training for Social Conservatives
  • Social Issue Training for Fiscal Conservatives


Events:  ReAl’s and Allies’ projects


Alliances With Other Conservative Organizations—Program Summaries & Links

  • The Gingrich Coalition
  • Social and Fiscal Conservative Think Tanks
  • The Tea-Party Movement