Newt Gingrich on To Save America

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To Save America


A ReAL Exclusive - Download a Free Chapter from To Save America

Thanks to our friends at Regnery Publishing, ReAL is proud to offer our readers, an exclusive free chapter (co-authored by ReAL's Founding Director, Rick Tyler) from To Save America.

Chapter 19: There is No Liberty Without Religious Liberty

No issue expresses the essence of America’s exceptionalism more than our unique tradition of religious liberty and tolerance. It’s no accident that our founders protected freedom of faith in the first sentence of the first amendment to our constitution. In this chapter Newt Gingrich & Rick Tyler explain the historical foundations of America’s religious heritage, and the campaign being waged against it by the secular left. They then provide a wide-ranging list of things every American can do to help restore this essential freedom, along with a reminder that we’re not in this battle alone.