How to Keep Your Furnace and AC in Tip-Top Condition

The furnace is an essential part of any home or office and it must be kept in the best possible condition to make sure that it does not malfunction when you need it most. A furnace that fails to work at the height of a freezing winter is a scenario that no home owner would like to envisage but it is not too uncommon. Luckily, it is possible to keep your furnace in tip-top condition and to ensure that it continues to give you the service you need.

Check and change filters as appropriate

A furnace in otherwise great shape could fail to give you the service you need because the air filters are dirty. Such filters will usually interfere with the flow of air thereby reducing the efficiency of your unit. If you have the knowledge, you simply need to clean the filters or, alternatively, have them replaced once a month. If you notice no improvements in the efficiency of the furnace, consider seeking the help of  pros.

Address thermostat issues

The heat that your furnace produces is determined by the condition of the thermostat and most furnace problems have their root here. Most people will notice that their furnace has a problem when they switch it on and it produces no heat. In other instances, the furnace could produce excess heat or keep fluctuating from moments of extreme heat to moments of zero heat.

While sometimes a furnace will fail to work simply because the thermostat is switched off, most thermostat problems are technical in nature and are best handled by the pros at .

Address mechanical problems immediately

The earliest indicator that your furnace could need attention is when it starts to make excessive and unusual noise. In situations like this, it is possible that the burner is clogged. When you notice that the furnace’s blower is running non-stop, chances are that its limit switch is faulty and would need to be replaced. To address the mechanical issues and to guarantee that your furnace continues to function well, it is advisable to seek the help of Revive Heating and Air condition experts. Revive also specializes in AC repair in Spokane WA

Watch out for gas leaks

Gas leaks are indicators that the piping of your furnace is faulty and should be addressed with urgency for they could lead to fires. Should you smell gas near the furnace, you must not use the furnace for your own safety and should vacate the premises until the source of the smell is identified and rectified. In such a situation, the competent contractors at Revive Heating and Air conditioning will help to not only diagnose the problem but also carry out remedial actions.

Conduct annual maintenance

To keep your furnace in great shape, you should have it appraised by a professional contractor such as Revive. Annual maintenance helps identify possible problems and also allows for the replacement of faulty or inefficient parts. The annual exercise plays a great part in ensuring the long life of your furnace and also helps you avoid costly repairs in the future.

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